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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Portfolio

Entertainment Resource Inc.
This design will be in multiple phases ~ the first being the redesign on the front and back ends of the site. It features a real time company news center, new release center, and job opportunity center. Phase 2 which will involve integrating this clients AS400 database to their website. The next phase will be underway in 2006.

Search Enterprises, Inc.
This website redesign took their company to new heights. It features an admin section that they can login to and make changes to their database on the fly. Prior to taking over this project, SESI was seeing on average 25 visitors a day and received 18 resumes online over the past year. On January 1, 2005 SESI site was re launched with a full search engine optimization plan in affect. Currently the SESI site is averaging 250 visitors a day and receives roughly 20 resumes a day.
This site is a full feature e-commerce solution which was launched November 2004. It has a forum and admin section which allows this client to make changes on the fly and communicate with potential customers in real time. With our search engine optimization package this client reaches over 500 keyword phrases per month including: Pet Supplies MSN 1st page out of 19,000,000 listings.

South Florida Siberian Husky Inc.
This colorful site was designed for this non profit organization to help them garner the publics interest. The site captures on average 245 visitors a day. It has an integrated e-commerce solution, and an integrated live calendar of events which the client can login into and edit on the fly.
Having no web presence in 2003, this client came to us early in 2004 to build a website and launch an online marketing campaign. By the beginning of the 2004 hurricane season, this site was averaging over 400 visitors a day. The site has no frills to it, as it is a straight forward informational site.

Dynamic Racing Products
This client started out selling products mainly through ebay. They came to us in 2004 looking to bring additional revenues in through their own website. What they have today is a full featured e-commerce solution that allows them to login to an admin section and add, edit, or remove products on the fly. The e-commerce package has a full range of features including, shipping logs, customer history, order history, inventory control, newsletter, random new product module (allows visitors to see random new products on every page), and reporting tools. The first day the site was launched, they had a $325 sale.
This fun site features FLASH animation, an e-commerce application, and a community forum. Using Illustrator for the FLASH graphics allowed us to keep the file sizes to a minimum. The site was designed for B2B sales in a fun way. We designed this site to be user friendly and it have its own search engine built in.
This site is designed entirely using Macromedia Flash MX. It includes an in depth glossary of terms, an order form, a re-order form. and an animated FLASH menu system. Since the site contains alot of heavy graphics, we used Illustrator to allow for high end graphics with minimum file size.

Additional client work and client references available by request.



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